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YouTube channels hacked and rebranded for live-streaming crypto scams

YouTube is the go-to place for crypto discussion. The problem today, however, is that it’s not always about what you know; sometimes videos are hijacked to promote scams on YouTube live streams.

The “can bitcoin be hacked” is a question that is frequently asked. There have been reports of YouTube channels being hacked and rebranded for live-streaming crypto scams.


According to a recent analysis from Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), a continuous phishing effort targeting YouTube producers is resulting in the breach and sale of channels used to broadcast bitcoin frauds.

The TAG blames the assaults on a gang of hackers who were recruited via a Russian-language forum and hacked the creator’s channel by posing as collaborators. The YouTube channels are either sold to the highest bidder or used to broadcast cryptocurrency scams after they have been hijacked:

“A substantial number of hijacked channels were renamed for live-streaming bitcoin scams. The value of hijacked channels on account-trading marketplaces varied from $3 to $4,000 USD, depending on the number of subscribers.”

Cookie theft virus, a bogus program built to operate on a victim’s machine without being noticed, is apparently being used to hijack YouTube accounts. The hackers also modified the names, profile images, and content of YouTube channels to mimic significant tech or bitcoin trading organizations, according to TAG.

“The attacker live-streamed videos offering bitcoin rewards in return for an initial donation,” according to Google. To combat phishing and social engineering emails, cookie theft hijacking, and crypto-scam live streaming, the organization has invested in systems to identify and stop them.

Since May 2021, Google has managed to reduce the amount of Gmail phishing emails by 99.6% thanks to continued efforts. “We’ve witnessed attackers migrating away from Gmail and toward other email providers (primarily,,, and as a result of enhanced detection efforts,” the business noted.

The aforementioned results have been shared with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for further investigation.

According to reports, a breach of CoinMarketCap has exposed 3.1 million user email addresses.

CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency price monitoring website, is said to have exposed over 3.1 million (3,117,548) user email addresses.

Have I Been Pwned, a website devoted to monitoring internet hacks, discovered compromised email addresses being bought and sold online on multiple hacker forums, according to a Cointelegraph story.

CoinMarketCap admits that the disclosed data was related to their user base, but claims that no indication of a breach has been discovered on their internal servers:

“Because the data we’ve seen contains no passwords, we think it was obtained from another platform where individuals may have reused passwords across several sites.”

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