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What is Ampleforth? A Guide to How Ampleforth Works

Ampleforth is a new cryptocurrency that was created by the creators of Monero. It has a focus on privacy and anonymity, as well as decentralization. This guide will go over how Ampleforth works, who it’s for, and what it’s used for.

Ampleforth is a cryptocurrency that was created by the developers of Monero. It uses the CryptoNote protocol to provide untraceable payments.

  • What is the meaning of Ampleforth? It is a flexible type of money based on solid economic principles.
  • What is the mechanism behind Ampleforth? It operates by utilizing a smart contract to modify the circulating supply to meet demand.

Ampleforth is another DeFi protocol that has recently acquired a lot of traction. It has become so popular that the system has struggled to maintain the value of its token owing to excessive demand. It’s even been dubbed the “next great thing in DeFi” by certain news sources.

At, on the other hand, we don’t believe in exaggerating things. We like to describe things in their natural state.

Ampleforth, on the other hand, has a really attractive design. It has an elastic supply, which means that the system adjusts it to keep it stable.

Some may argue that it is much superior than the crypto stablecoin systems presently available. It does, however, contain one red sign, which you will learn about later in the essay.

Extensive History

Engineer Evan Kuo, who also happens to be the former CEO of Pythagoras Pizza, came up with the idea for Ampleforth. His pizzeria was the first to use a token system for its franchise.

Evan Kuo, the company’s founder, holds a Pythagoras pizza.

Kuo saw early on that bitcoin was an effort to reimagine money and banking. He also realized that working with money was a lot simpler. Later, with the help of Pantera Capital, Huobi, and Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, he established the Ampleforth Foundation.

Ampleforth was also able to generate almost $10 million via three public offers on Bitfinex: two ICOs and one IEO.

What is the meaning of Ampleforth?

Ampleforth is a cryptocurrency and DeFi system that uses a smart contract to maintain an adaptable money supply. In other words, its supply adapts to meet demand on a regular basis.

What is Ampleforth? A Guide to How Ampleforth Works

When demand for tokens increases, the system prints more. When demand falls, the token supply falls as well. As a result, the value equals one dollar.

The Ampleforth protocol’s ultimate aim is for AMPL to become the world’s money one day. The initiative, according to the creator, is basically rewriting the way money works. You’ll find out why in the next sections.

The Conundrum

Ampleforth’s economics are based on research into the history of the United States dollar.

Once upon a time, each dollar was backed by gold held in government vaults. It functioned quite well before to World War II. After all, gold is a fantastic store of wealth.

It does, however, have certain drawbacks. For one thing, it lacks a flexible supply. The gold standard also carries the danger of causing hyperinflation.

“But hyperinflation is good,” others may argue. As in the case of Bitcoin. It moons,’ but it’s not a happy occasion.

It would have serious economic consequences. If hyperinflation occurs, everyone will cease purchasing and spending since they know they will be able to purchase more the following day with the same amount of money. The next day, and the day after that.

And if this consumer mentality persists for a long time, the consequences will be disastrous. International commerce would stutter, and the economy would grind to a stop. This is the main reason why the United States abandoned the gold standard in 1971.

The demand for the US dollar increased dramatically after World War II. Hyperdeflation posed a danger to the economy since gold mining is slow (which is what makes it such a good store of wealth).

That’s how the US government went from a gold-based currency to a fiat currency supported by faith. They did so in order to keep up with demand and print more money.

We’ve all seen how it ended out.

There are two major flaws with today’s fiat money. The supply can only be expanded, not deflated, for one thing. After all, the government can only create more money and can’t take back what they’ve already given out.

Above all, the printing press for money is managed by people, who are prone to greed and corruption.

How Ampleforth Deals With It

As previously mentioned, both fiat and gold-backed currencies have their own set of benefits and disadvantages. Ampleforth’s goal is to blend their strengths while eliminating their flaws.

Because the smart contract pushes the protocol toward a steady value, it has the same value preservation properties as gold. It also improves fiat currencies’ capabilities by allowing deflationary processes in addition to inflationary ones.

It’s essential to remember that these processes are only in place to maintain the value. The creators have no intention of instituting annual inflation.

Ampleforth’s Operation

From the standpoint of the system

Ampleforth’s circulating supply is changed every day at 1 p.m. EST to meet demand. And it’s all done automatically with the help of a smart contract.

What is Ampleforth? A Guide to How Ampleforth Works

To input data to the system, the smart contract utilizes Chainlink oracles with the Ampleforth oracle, which Chainlink helped develop. To guarantee that the price stays in the equilibrium range, price feeds from Bitfinex and KuCoin are used.

The equilibrium price range is $0.96-$1.06. When the value of AMPL deviates from the equilibrium range, the smart contract will “expand” or “contract” the supply until it returns to the equilibrium range.

This is referred to as a “rebase.”

From the perspective of the user

Assume you have three AMPL in your wallet, each worth $3 USD, and the token’s demand suddenly increases. Assume that demand drives the price of each AMPL to $2. The supply will be adjusted as a result of the smart contract’s actions.

As a result, instead of 3, your wallet will now contain 6 AMPL. And they’d be valued a total of $6. If you want to sell your extra AMPL, this provides an arbitrage opportunity for you.

This allows arbitrage traders to benefit while simultaneously putting downward pressure on the price until it reaches the equilibrium range.


The Ampleforth protocol’s native asset is AMPL. It’s a cryptocurrency with an elastic supply that’s semi-stable. Its supply grows and shrinks in response to market demand.

What is Ampleforth? A Guide to How Ampleforth Works

Ampleforth is comparable to stablecoins in several ways. It is not, however, backed by cash or crypto assets. It’s also not as reliable as a traditional stablecoin.

What is Ampleforth? A Guide to How Ampleforth WorksAMPL’s fluctuating value, as calculated by Coin Market Cap.

As the graph shows, the Ampleforth protocol has struggled to keep the value of AMPL stable. The value of stablecoins like USDT and DAI has generally remained within the $0.99-$1.01 range if you look at the pricing chart.

The primary distinction between AMPL and stablecoins is that AMPL lowers volatility rather than eliminating it.

It’s worth noting that AMPL is linked to the dollar’s 2019 value rather than its present value. As you may be aware, the United States dollar is susceptible to inflation, which contradicts the protocol’s objective. As a result, the cryptocurrency is no longer tied to the US economy.

This essentially implies that the value of each AMPL will rise over time in relation to the USD. This helps to explain why 1 AMPL is no longer worth $1 in today’s market.

Use Cases for AMPL

Cash in the Digital Age

The ultimate goal of the token is for it to become the main worldwide currency. Why not? It has many of the hallmarks of good economics.

The issue is that it seeks to achieve the same objective as Bitcoin, XRP, and perhaps certain national currencies. It is, without a doubt, a highly competitive activity. It would take a long time for the cryptocurrency to thrive in this.

a value store

Because of its built-in stability mechanism, AMPL is a fantastic store of wealth. In fact, it may be superior than stablecoins as we know them now.

USDT and other fiat-backed stablecoins are nonetheless vulnerable to the inflation of their underlying currency. Stablecoins backed by crypto assets, such as DAI, on the other hand, risk devaluation if their crypto assets are locked up.

Collateral for DeFi

AMPL is a suitable collateral for DeFi lending systems like Uniswap and Compound because of its elasticity.


Arbitrage is a use case as well as one of the components that keeps the AMPL stable after a rebase. Return to the “User point of view” section if you’re still puzzled. The Ampleforth protocol distributes or recalls AMPLs during a rebase, altering the supply.

Arbitrage traders may sell their surplus AMPL and profit before the system reduces the supply.

They may purchase additional AMPL to grow their holdings and sell them after the rebase if the reverse occurs and supply needs to be boosted. If they act fast enough, their money will have doubled by then.

Geyser of Ampleforth

The Ampleforth Geyser smart contract faucet enables liquidity providers to earn AMPL by providing AMPL to Uniswap. It was developed in partnership with Uniswap.

The greater the incentive, the larger the deposit and the longer it is held in Uniswap.

What is Ampleforth? A Guide to How Ampleforth Works

Ampleforth’s Weaknesses


Unfortunately, the Ampleforth protocol has one major flaw. The Ampleforth Foundation seems to control two administrative tasks.

They may employ one function to halt any supply adjustments and the other to freeze all user money. Hardcore cryptocurrency advocates see this as a major red signal.

I’m not sure when the team intends to abandon that capacity, but they had best hurry. Rather than later, sooner is preferable. It not only erodes user trust in the system, but it also makes them a target for government action.

Minor turbulence

In comparison to stablecoins, AMPL’s price chart shows that it still has a significant level of volatility. Every now and again, we can overlook a price fluctuation of 10-20 percent, but 400 percent? That’s a little excessive for a currency designed to be used as digital cash.

One area where it might improve is the frequency with which it rebases. The supply is presently adjusted once a day. Why not make it four times a day, if not more?

It would very certainly help in resolving the volatility issues.


Ampleforth is a potential DeFi protocol since it essentially introduces a new method of building an economy. If it hadn’t been for the centralized element, it would have been great.

Nonetheless, we have reason to think that the Ampleforth’s creators, who control the system, would do anything to damage the Ampleforth or its users. I’m still hoping they’ll hand over the keys shortly.

The project has plenty of potential to expand, with a market value of $390 million. Is it strong enough to compete with Bitcoin, XRP, XLM, and a slew of other CBDCs? That’s a long shot, to be honest.

However, it may have a future in finance and cryptocurrency.

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Ampleforth is a cryptocurrency that was created to give people the opportunity to take part in a new decentralized economy. The Airdrop will be given out on October 14th, 2017. Reference: ampleforth airdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ampleforth used for?

Ampleforth is a type of cheese that is made in England.

What is the Ampleforth token?

The Ampleforth token is a type of cryptocurrency.

Can you make money with Ampleforth?

I am not sure if Ampleforth is a good investment. It may be better to wait until the market for Ampleforth has stabilized before deciding whether its worth investing in.

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