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The Derpy Cats

The Derpy Cats is a cryptocurrency-powered game that allows players to collect, trade and breed virtual cats.

The cat derp face is a meme that has been around for a while. It was popularized by the social media site, Reddit.

Tools from Bountyblok

The WAX ecosystem is continuously changing, and with rising demand comes the need for improved distribution and gamification tools. Bountyblok provides artists and NFT-based games with the tools they need to distribute prizes, drops, and incentives with their players. Bountyblok introduced innovation to the WAX ecosystem and developed the tools needed to meet current needs.

With NFT projects portraying heroes, princesses, magic, gorgeous animals, legendary creatures, and even the bad guys, the Bountyblok world is like a wonderful place from tales. In this tale, who am I? I’m the archivist, the elderly wizard who keeps track of spells and manuscripts. I know what’s popular and who’s trendy in the WAX metaverse since I have over 2000 NFTs in my spellbook, and I’ll share my knowledge about those NFT projects with everyone.


The Derpy Cats are a group of mischievous felines.

The Derpy Cats

At The Derpy Cats, an NFT initiative about amusing and funky derpy cats, my magical grimoire opened. What exactly is a Derpy Cat NFT, and where can you get one? It’s a cat’s face on a sticker that will exist on the blockchain in perpetuity. They have their own webpage and reside in a kingdom far, far away! The artist is from a tiny European country, and she has over 1500 Twitter followers. Only 88 individuals are followed by the mysterious Feline Overlords, and I feel myself fortunate to be one of them. Please don’t start following people after reading this… keep it elite! The Derpy Cats are affiliated with mystical groups including the NFT Lounge, Immersys, and Square Rooted.

The Derpy Cats

The Feline Overlords is still a student with a background in computer sciences, engineering, and information management, and does not summon derpy cats for a career. After reading a link on how to manufacture NFTs, the Feline Overlords decided to join the Beast Masters Guild. The artist is a crypto phile who owns a number of currencies and tokens that he intends to hold until the Great Cat Food Crisis. WAX is his favorite coin, followed by banano and their monkey culture – which is OK since CryptomonKeys are popular.

The artist has always been an artist and a lover of nature. The first series, The Derpy Cats, was inspired by cat faces he sketched and painted many years ago. The idea of derpy cats from many walks of life was conceived, and Toxic was the first to be produced, in December 2020. The many black cats are based on actual cats, while the others are made-up pets. I have a few Toxic kitties and have never had any problems!

The Derpy Cats

It was written in stone that the whole collection will be formatted and shaped in the same way. The cat’s face will be surrounded by a circle, and the backdrop will vary in response to events or partnerships. There are only nine cat faces, which represent the nine lifetimes of cats. Every cat has a distinct personality that will be reflected in the NFTs.

Traditional art, such as acrylic paints and watercolors, is preferred by the Feline Overlords, while GIMP is used to create the NFT. The artist wants to keep his concentration on his idea and send forth derpy kitties all over the globe. Derpy Cats are now releasing a summer-themed set with the most wonderful holiday feelings.

I have a surprise for you if you stumbled through Best Wishes NFTs! This colorful endeavor is also backed by the Feline Overlords. The Best Wishes NFTs are a great way to express “Thank you!” or “Sorry!” to your fellow NFT aficionados or your partner. The NFTs are watercolor paintings that may still be found on the WAX secondary market.

The Derpy Cats

The Derpy Cats accidentally discovered the gateway to the bountyblok realm on Twitter, and they’ve never wanted to return to the old world since. They may roam freely in the fantasy world, and they can airdrop into emails from time to time.

“I learned about bountyblok via Twitter. I use Gift NFT to give NFTs to my Twitter followers and to offer incentives to my website subscribers through email. I particularly appreciate the ability to get the NFT back if it isn’t claimed within 30 days, which isn’t feasible with claim links. Also, if you don’t know someone’s WAX address, Gift NFT is a fantastic option. I enjoy bountyblok because it has a highly user-friendly UI, which is a bonus. The one thing I don’t like is that when sending an NFT, there is no search option for the collections, so it takes a long time to locate what I need.”

I can affirm that Gift NFT is an excellent tool, and after engaging in #DerpyDiscussions, I was fortunate enough to get a Bad [Beach Vibes]. It was my first gift from the tool, and I had no idea what to do with it. Fortunately, Gift NFT doesn’t need a tutorial since the processes are simple. When you click the gift link, it will take you to Gift NFT, where you may claim the NFT with a single click. The page information will include the NFT’s mint number as well as the gift memo.

The Derpy Cats

After claiming the NFT, it will appear in your WAX wallet magically. If necessary, users may additionally verify the blockchain transaction. Because of the tool’s simplicity, I’m considering using it for future airdrops, presents, and Christmas card distribution.

The Derpy Cats

Bountyblok’s Gift NFT is a free program that allows anybody to give NFTs through email or Twitter DM in only a few clicks. The transfer is safe on the WAX blockchain, and if the NFT goes unclaimed for 30 days, it will be returned to the sender. On AtomicHub, this functionality is not accessible for normal claim links.

The Derpy Cats

Keep an eye out for the next NFT Metaverse adventure. If you’re an NFT collector, don’t forget to look at the derpy kitties. Join the bountyblok realm if you’re an artist or part of an NFT project to stay up to speed on the finest distribution options.

The bountyblok story will continue with a journey into the Shadowlands, where we will encounter the realm’s most formidable necromancer.


The derpy cat breeds is a subreddit that has been created to share pictures of cats with derpy expressions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a derpy cat?

A derpy cat is a type of internet meme that usually features an image of a cat with its eyes half-closed, looking dazed or confused.

What is a bread cat?

A bread cat is a type of bread that has been shaped into the form of a cat.

How do cats cry?

Cats cry by producing tears from their eyes.

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