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Cryptocurrency Celebrates 8th Anniversary – a New Era for Crypto-Asset Trading – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, was founded in 2013 and is currently celebrating its eighth anniversary. It’s an impressive milestone in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, but the company isn’t resting on its laurels. continues to be at the forefront of innovation, offering many new services to digital asset traders and DeFi startups.

Exchange of trusted cryptographic veterans

In a world where so many new services emerge every day, is celebrating its 8th anniversary – an important sign of longevity and commitment. While other platforms have collapsed or simply disappeared overnight, has survived just as long and has always strived to provide a safe and reliable service to its users. This has earned him a loyal fan base over the years and the respect to call himself a veteran in the field., one of the trading platforms with the highest transaction volume in the world, fully understands the importance of blockchain asset security and always prioritizes the safety of the user’s assets. Through centralization and decentralization, has introduced a range of solutions for the custody of funds. This ensures not only the ease of transactions but also the safety of the funds.

Users familiar with know that security is built into every aspect of the platform: GateChain’s DeFi secure ecosystem, S1 fingerprint secure hardware wallet, contract security auditing and the most innovative secure smart public chain, etc. The principle that safety always comes first is carefully integrated into’s business philosophy. Even the cryptographic media portal still sends the message that users should always use security features to protect their digital assets.

In CoinGecko’s Trust Score 2.0 list, is one of the top 5 exchanges in the world, with a Trust Score of 10. is one of 8 exchanges that received a perfect score of 10 out of nearly 400 exchanges worldwide. In addition, in May 2020, created a lien system that provides each user with 100% security to protect the user’s assets, virtually eliminating runs and bankruptcies.

Great platform for crypto and de-fi startups

The crypto-currency market has changed a lot since 2013, and has had to offer new services to meet customer demands and other challenges. The success of the company’s platform for launching new cryptocurrency projects is a good example. Gate Startup has helped launch major DeFi projects such as DAO, HAPI, WOO, KAI, and according to CryptoRank statistics, it is the first project launch to rank third in the world in terms of profitability.

The goal of Startup is to promote the blockchain industry and technological innovation. The Gate Exchange platform has also revamped its startup platform from 2020, with stricter controls and standards for project and investor selection. Gate Startup not only raises funds for high-quality projects worldwide, but also offers more flexible and diversified services.

The startup platform continues to market high value projects and purchases at discounted prices in BTC and ETH, reinvigorating the IEO methodology. Gate is gradually being validated and accepted by the market and users. On the other hand, Gate has also provided sufficient enthusiasm and market focus for quality projects on the startup platform, which are complemented by community funds and engines, gradually creating a positive market cycle.

By bringing more high-quality projects to the platform, Startup also raises the barriers to entry and creates a lot of protection for investment users.

To protect the startup’s reputation, announced an unprecedented rule: If a project goes bankrupt within a year, the platform buys back the user’s currency at 65% of the issue cost. This is the first time in the industry that has shown it is responsible for the safety of its users. Celebrates 8th Anniversary – a New Era for Crypto-Asset Trading – Sponsored Bitcoin News continues innovation initiative with continues to develop new products and investments for its traders. In August 2019, the company introduced a money management system; in February 2020, it introduced a leveraged ETF to provide medium- to high-risk users with a wide range of trading options; in July 2020, it introduced a Pro version of the trading interface to meet the operational needs of high-end users; in July 2020, introduced short-term options trading, which supports the purchase of option trades with short expiration periods (1 hour, 4 hours and 1 day). функция сетевой торговли, позволяющая пользователям получать опреденную прибыль даже в условиях волатильнстиынка. does not need the help of a third party to do this. The GateChain 1.0 backbone was launched in June 2020. Meteora’s GateChain EVM test network (which supports smart contracts) was launched in January 2021. In February 2021, DeFi Ecology’s smart contract and cross-trading system was released. GateChain’s TPP is now over 2,000, can service over 1,000 units and has laid a solid foundation for future green building.

And at the DEX level, has created a HipoSwap DEX based on GateChain. HipoSwap refers to the automatic market maker of the AMM mechanism. At the same time, based on the product’s consistent market maker, Gate introduces two market maker price pools into the unit currency market to provide market makers with a means to place market orders and earn commissions, while significantly increasing the liquidity of the system by effectively reducing the delay in the taker’s transaction price. This innovative mechanism solves the long-term bottlenecks of Uniswap and other DEXs, such as large variation in trading, large trading losses and low returns of automated market makers, and meets the trading needs of users and market makers.

After the establishment of the public network and the DEX, the creation of the DeFi ecosystem was also encouraged. has also launched the Labs incubation program. The 9th. February 2021, announced that Gate Labs will invest $50 million (in crypto-currency equivalent) to build tens of thousands to millions of dollars of seed capital and support project development to foster better quality projects to join the GateChain ecosystem. Labs leverages the best resources and services to support exceptional startup teams and help them develop innovative products and high-quality services that meet market needs. Large startup projects can continue on Startup and gain priority access to the GateChain ecosystem.

To learn more about all the services offered and to sign up, visit today.

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