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Gaming Startup Lepricon Seeks to Drive Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology – Sponsored Bitcoin News


The token economy is exploding, as is decentralized finance. But as brilliant as these new ways of controlling and creating wealth are, they are not penetrating the mainstream market as they should. Joshua Galloway, founder and CEO of, a hyper-casual community-focused gaming platform, thinks he knows why.

Addressing common classroom activities in real life

People need to hear about blockchain in the context of activities they care about. Players include in-game currency, in-app purchases, items and special in-game bonuses. When delivered to a chain, they become tokens, swaps and NFTs.

Galloway says the next generation of token-funded companies need to start approaching the general public in real life. He believes gambling is the easiest fruit to pick and the quickest to achieve.

What is a leprechaun?

Lepricon is a community-driven gaming platform specializing in fast and easy-to-play hypercascading prediction games. She started her first game, KQJ, in late March. KQJ is a simple predictive card game where you can get discounted bitcoins through a series of wins. The next quarter is Bitpool, where you win if you predict whether the bitcoin price will rise or fall in the next 60 seconds. Next quarter they will launch FansPredict, which allows you to bet on real events and airports.

On the other hand, LepriconFi offers features such as betting, farming and bartering with additional tokens. The usual oil for the car is Lepricon working oil, L3P.

The games and theFi platforms are inextricably linked, but the participants in theFi side are not necessarily participants in the games and vice versa. After all, the value of L3P is mainly determined by the mood of the gaming platform.

How did Galloway end up with Lepricone?

I come from the gaming industry where I spent twenty years working on AAA, mobile and social casino games. I came into the crypto economy about four years ago as a VP of blockchain venting. He continues: As far back as five years ago, I could see that gaming and blockchain would eventually collide, creating a complete disruption for the gaming industry and a huge expansion for the blockchain industry.

Galloway sees a seismic shift in the way players engage with the games they play when in-game currencies are on the blockchain.

The game money has always been stored in a database and only exists in the game. It has no value anymore and can be deleted by the publisher or even by a server crash. But when you put that game currency on the blockchain, it has real value. The player now has a skin in the game that changes their relationship with the overall game experience.

Does Lepricone have any plans with the NFT?

Yes! Galloway said emphatically. Non-fungal tokens will infiltrate every corner of the Leprechaun ecosystem. There will be NFTs that are collected as sets, some that offer perks or bonuses in games, and some that offer benefits to members who follow our DeFi platform. There will also be NFTs that will serve as proof of status in our reputation magazine, Shamrock.

What are Leprechaun’s biggest problems?

Galloway said: There are two main areas for us, one is the speed of data in the chain, which is related to technology, and the other is the user experience.

As for the technology, Galloway points out Ethereum’s well-known problem of being able to do everything remotely and quickly. They are looking for L2 solutions to solve this problem. The first of these is their partnership with RioDefi, which is developing a polka-dot parachute called RioChain.

We will be able to process over 3,000 transactions per second with RioChain at significantly lower transaction costs. Our players can jump, and if they win, they come right back with their new L3P.

When it comes to the gaming experience at Lepricon, Galloway is clear that he sees Lepricon as a gaming company, not a blockchain company. The use of blockchain technology improves the player experience. Says he: Our user experience must meet the expectations of the new player, who expects to jump into the game with little or no instruction, have fun, and then put the phone down satisfied after a few minutes.

What about Leprechaun?

Lepricone’s operating token goes live on Uniswap on August 17, so we’re preparing for that, says Galloway. Once this step is complete, the real work begins. We are in the process of expanding our platform, introducing at least one running contest per quarter, and continuing to develop the usefulness of L3P.

The future is a community-driven, player-controlled gaming industry.

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