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Events, audits, and a beautiful MetaVerse: DeFi NFT app Charged Particles gets off to dynamic start

It’s hard to overstate how big the cryptocurrency market is. There are hundreds of coins out there, and each has their own unique stories, personalities, and values. And then there’s the whole “what’s a cryptocurrency anyway?” question.

The vibe at the recent DEVcon2 conference was upbeat and exciting. What a beautiful time to be building an open-source, decentralized technology stack. Going in, no one could have predicted how the Web3 Foundation team would do at their first conference. But it was clear from the get-go that the organizers had put in a lot of work and had really high expectations for the event.

The past couple of years have been exciting for the blockchain space. In just a short period of time, the sector has grown from a niche, to a significant portion of the global economy, and is rapidly becoming a major point of focus for regulatory policy, as well as venture capital. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there is also a stark contrast between the massive gains made by investors and hobbyists, and the lack of financial security and stability for most participants. This is particularly true for many of the “DeFi” applications utilized by a growing number of decentralized financial institutions.

According to fresh statistics released by the protocol in a recent update, decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) app Charged Particles has had a strong start since being live in June.

The software enables users to create NFTs that reflect a basket of various token holdings with fully customizable parameters, allowing them to ‘Do more with their NFTs.’ This resembles a conventional index fund, with Charged Particle’s aim of allowing users to own, trade, and acquire hundreds or thousands of different stocks, bonds, or real-estate assets locked in an ERC71.

Aave and Synthetix, two DeFi makers, are among its supporters. Charged Particles has already made significant progress after just two months. 

Charged Particles became live on the Polygon network, providing low-cost NFT production and trade to users in accordance with being provided across different chains (and being available to all users). 

“High gas prices not only stifle industry development by deterring many artists from minting NFTs and taking part in liquidity mining… The less innovative and cutting-edge use cases that naturally emerge with reduced transaction costs, the less experimentation there will be. This issue is solved by Polygon’s full-stack scaling solution. In the article, Charged Particles’ marketing manager Priyanka M Khanadali said, “With Polygon, you can mint 2000–2500 NFTs for 1 MATIC.”

Charged Particles, dApps, and Metaverses

On the heels of this, the protocol established the ambitious dApp accelerator program, which provides awards, financing, partnerships, technical assistance, and advisory support to companies based on the Charged Particles Protocol.

The crypto world has a strong need for security, and the Charged Particles team was no exception. The Arcadia Group Smart Contracts Audit concluded that the protocol’s code quality was “excellent and properly maintained,” and the contracts were “well written and organized.”

On the metaverse side, futuristic advancements were also seen. As seen in the picture below, more than a thousand people gathered at Cryptovoxels for the so-called “Liquid Energy” event on Polygon to witness Richard Dixon’s work.

Charged Particles, on the other hand, has forged some alliances. The first was a partnership with SportsIcon to introduce nested NFTs featuring famous Italian goalie Gigi Buffon, while the second was a collaboration with NFTTrader to make peer-to-peer NFT trading a reality. And it’s just been two months since the site went up!

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