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ERTHA to Launch IDO on Top Gaming Launchpads — Seedify, GameFi and RedKite

ERTHA announced on the 17th of December 2018 that it will be launching its IDO platform with three gaming partners. Seedify, GameFi and RedKite are all facilitating this launch. ERTHA has a reputation for pioneering blockchain in online games and with these partnerships they have even more credibility to their claim. The IDO platform is set to take performance marketing mainstream by partnering up with some of the biggest names in online gambling technology, helping secure long-term success regardless of whether or not there’s an ICO coming next year…………………………..

E-sports and gaming company ERTHA is launching a new platform called IDO on top of the GameFi and RedKite. The launchpad will allow for easy access to all types of games, including e-sports titles. Read more in detail here: gaming ido launchpad.

ERTHA to Launch IDO on Top Gaming Launchpads — Seedify, GameFi and RedKite


Chainwire, Kaunas, Lithuania, December 17th, 2021

ERTHA is prepared to deploy its IDO on three distinct gaming launchpads between the 19th and the 21st of December, with the goal of expanding the play-to-earn (P2E) and Metaverse into hitherto unexplored depths.

The ERTHA metaverse is a Heroes Of Might And Magic game-type created on Binance Smart Chain that is inspired by our real-life economic and social experiences to explore and examine the virtual world while merging aspects recognizable from games like Second Life. Users may choose various life objectives, specialities, occupations, and even nations, as well as purchase land using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

350,000 HEX land parcels are represented as NFTs on ERTHA’s globe. Players will gain money for each transaction after purchasing a HEX land piece. As a lifelong landowner, players may live, study, or work anywhere they choose and earn the native token ERTHA.

The game is meant to simulate people’s behaviors in order to make a livelihood in a real-life setting. Users may use this metaverse to explore, gain real-world skills, and make money.

In the Erthaverse, the ERTHA token will be very important. The ERTHA Token may be used in a variety of ways in a game of economic and political intrigue. ERTHA tokens may be used to influence in-game politics, buy land, vote on governance issues, build real estate, and much more.

The ERTHA team is thrilled to have secured positions on some of the industry’s most prestigious launchpads, so mark your calendars for the following dates:

19th of December — Seedify

A well-known incubator and launchpad for blockchain-based games and players. Seedify allows its audience to have early access to forthcoming project coins before they are launched on exchanges.

20th of December, GameFi

A one-stop shop for all everything related to gaming financing (GameFi). The site caters to blockchain gamers, investors, and traders, as well as providing a launchpad for new games.

December 21st, RedKite

PolkaFoundry has created a cutting-edge launchpad and decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. RedKite is dedicated to creating a one-of-a-kind and seamless token sale experience. “We’re pleased to be at the vanguard of blockchain gaming, and it’s a joy to be launching on these top launchpads,” said Linas Kiguolis is a Lithuanian actress., CEO and creator of ERTHA. Check out our gameplay trailer, which I believe highlights the scope of what we’ve accomplished.”

You may learn more about ERTHA by going to:







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Alpha Metaverse is a decentralized virtual reality metaverse that provides an immersive and interactive experience. It is an open source, peer-to-peer platform for social VR, powered by blockchain technology. Reference: alpha metaverse.

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