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Digital Securities: A Macro View – Thought Leaders

The digital securities market has been in existence for a while now but with new technologies, such as the blockchain, emerging, it is likely to become a widespread phenomenon. The ability for digital securities to be traded on a decentralized network opens up a whole new world of opportunity, and in turn, will lead to a revolution of financial tools which can be used by the average person.

Blockchain is one of the most promising underlying technologies of the digital age, and it’s one that should concern everyone. The smart contracts and other distributed ledger features of blockchain make it a natural fit to underpin the digital securities market. In other words, blockchain has the potential to disrupt the way we invest and trade stocks, bonds, and other financial securities.

The market for digital titles is starting to grow steadily worldwide. There are many emerging players issuing digital securities in different sectors, using different models to raise capital.

The financial world is beginning to understand the benefits of digital securities, whether it’s digital currency initiatives by central banks or private companies issuing blockchain-based securities.

Several digital asset exchanges are emerging worldwide, offering trading opportunities for both digital securities and tokenized stocks (pre-existing securities traded on exchanges in the form of priced tokens).

Real estate offers great opportunities for using digital securities to raise capital. It is currently the third largest industry after technology and finance.

On a year-to-date basis, the market capitalization of all real estate issues increased from $98 million to $148 million, up 51% over the past 12 months. Below is a breakdown of the market by sector:

Source: Atlas One Search terminal

Market capitalisation: $1,132,497,239.60

Annual growth rate: 91%

Average capitalization of the issuer: $15,099,963.19

Average capitalization of the issuer: $1,520,000.00

Number of digital titles: 76

East. Market capitalisation at year-end: $3,500,000,000.00

Real estate is an important area where DPS is increasingly being introduced. New real estate markets using blockchain technology are emerging.

This is largely due to two factors: the recognition of the economic benefits of tokenizing real estate and the overall valuation of the asset class.

The technology sector is also leading the way in the adoption of digital securities, likely because technology-related issuers are more familiar with the value proposition of blockchain technology. Several cryptocurrency mining companies are using digital securities to provide investors with a blockchain-based experience with seamless distribution and the potential for secondary liquidity.

Financial DSOs have also increased since the beginning of 2021. Large banks and institutions are experimenting with blockchain-based settlement solutions and issuing digital fixed income securities. These include digital bonds from DBS and commercial paper from CGS-CIMB. These issues significantly increased the market capitalization. To date, CGS-CIMB has raised $7.5 million with its digitalized commercial paper offering, demonstrating the clear benefits of using digital securities for short-term financing.

Amount raised through blockchain digital securities:

Ethereum: $798,759,167

Thesos: $21,300,000

Other blockchains: $30,377,852

In terms of theprotocol of the blockchain, Ethereum remains the leading blockchain used for issuing digital securities, with major offerings such as Blockchain Capital (BCAP) and the INX revenue sharing token.

However, most of tZERO’s securities are hosted on the Tezos blockchain.

Tezos is positioning itself as a competitor to Ethereum in the field of digital securities.

Although Ethereum’s gas costs are the highest in the industry, its decentralized trading infrastructure is largely built on Ethereum.

Issuing securities on private blockchains and then issuing them on public blockchains once secondary trading is available can lower the cost of gas.

The Ethereum 2.0 update also aims to reduce fuel costs, which could make spending even more beneficial.

Moreover, even with high gas prices, digital security proposals remain cheaper than traditional alternatives.

One of the advantages of issuing on the Ethereum blockchain is the ability to tailor the supply of digital securities to the needs of the issuer, often by whitelisting addresses and placing legal restrictions on trading.

Currently, there are two Ethereum standards specifically designed for digital securities: ERC-1400 (built by Polymath) and ERC-1404.

While most digital securities are offered in the form of ERC-20 tokens, INX was recently released as ERC-1404.

Numerical effects by type of impact

Digital Securities: A Macro View – Thought Leaders

Source: Atlas One Search terminal

There are different types of effects issued in the form of digital effects. Currently, equities are the most common security type (62%), but the fixed income market is attracting attention, particularly for commercial paper and real estate-backed bonds.

Income-sharing securities, which allow issuers to raise capital without giving up shares, are also popular.

Overstock’s largest digital security to date is a digital dividend paid to retail investors in the company’s publicly traded shares. It has proven to be an effective way to promote the adoption of digital securities among public equity investors.

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