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A top Bitcoin whale picked up 3,706 BTC amidst brutal dip, data shows

Bitcoin whales – the term refers to individuals who hold a considerable amount of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies – are the driving force behind the cryptocurrency markets. Their strong position and market sway often cause drastic price fluctuations. Recently, a Bitcoin whale has been making headlines for investing in Bitcoin during the cryptocurrency’s most brutal dip.

According to a recent report by newsBTC, a top Bitcoin whale has picked up 3,706 BTC amid a brutal dip in the cryptocurrency market. The user, who has been identified as Mike Novogratz’ Galaxy Digital, purchased the more than 3,000 BTC worth of Bitcoin during this period. Since this purchase, the Bitcoin price has dropped more than 20%.

Bitcoin futures may have had a tough journey in December, but it looks like some big players have been riding a wave of volume through a difficult period. The top transaction volume saw a spike of 66% in just the past 24 hours, and as of the time of writing, it is worth more than $256 million in total. According to market data from CoinMarketCap, trading volumes in the second half of December saw a massive increase of nearly 230% from the end of 2017.. Read more about future of cryptocurrency 2021 and let us know what you think.

The leading bitcoin kit collected 3,706 BTC in a sharp drop, according to the data. Earn up to 12% annual returns on Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, EUR, GBP, Stablecoins, etc. Beginning of importance Edge ‘ Bitcoin ‘ Investments BTC whales are activated at a time when there is still some uncertainty in the market. Samuel Wang – 10. June 20, 2021 at 2:00 UTC – 2 minutes reading The fourth bitcoin address added another 3,706 BTC today, for a total of $122,079,524. This amounts to an average token price of $32,941 per BTC. To read the rest of the article, log in or go to Edge.

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As an independent organization in the blockchain industry, we are guided by strict editorial policies that emphasize objectivity and transparency in our reporting.When the cryptocurrency market was gaining steam, the Bitcoin network was still in its infancy. It was a good time to be a Bitcoin whale, as the cryptocurrency was still under the radar of the general public, easy for the top whales to buy and sell. The top whales, though, didn’t take any chances. The one who bought up nearly 3,000 BTC of Bitcoin at $55 in December 2018 would not have been able to turn a profit if he had bought it at $50. He would have only made $150. As such, he waited for the price to drop and bought more.. Read more about when to buy bitcoin 2021 and let us know what you think.

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